PMU points of sale A man specialized in their burglaries

So many casinos, poker, bingo or betting players want to know how to correctly guess and find the result of these games of chance. Yet, no one has yet been able to find the solution to this problem except the lucky few who have amassed jackpots at a casino or lotto draw. However, Farid Ouarrag, a horse racing betting enthusiast, found a fast and efficient way to win money, he did not participate in his favorite game, he burgled Parisian points of sale Urban Mutual (PMU). The first flight he committed took place on a Tuesday in October 2008 in Saouzelong. However, the police considered this theft only as a commonplace flight. A month later, another was perpetrated at PMU Bar des Ormeaux. It was from this moment that the police received the alert, the investigators were no longer interested in the amount of the cash fund disappeared but on the repetition of the case. A third time was again held on November 18th, the PMU des Avions. The investigators then deepened these cases: tracking winning tickets, telephony … and the burglar was finally spotted.

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