How to throw a strip poker game

One of the wackiest and wildest poker events or parties one can release is a game of strip poker at home. It may sound silly or even too wild for others, but this is one of the wackiest versions or should we say, the most unconventional ways to play poker.

The first thing to consider is that strip poker is a way of hooking up with girls and guys by making sure that everyone is fairly responsible for their own actions and that the host must also hold responsibility while each one is in its premises. It is advisable for adults who are really looking forward to a wild and wacky time of their lives. It is important to consider that the number of individuals and the chevrons is the same so no one will be left out. It is a mating event so make sure that everyone has a kind of, a partner in the process.

Make sure to invite your friends to open-minded and mature about these kinds of things, otherwise, well you’ll be in big trouble. No one wants a killing cheer or a flip during the poker of the strip. When you are inviting your friends to make sure they know the game, the rules and what to expect.

As a host, you should invite girls and individuals who are willing to get naked of course and if they have the qualities that would attract the opposite sex. Make sure that the guys attract girls so they will be more than willing to strip down during the game, and vice versa. Remember that the object of the game should be hooked-up, so no one should be left alone.

Before the game, careful planning is also a necessity. Make sure you are stacked with alcohol such as beer for individuals and an assortment of baby cocktail for the ladies. Alcohol is definitely an asset to remove the inhibitions of its guests. But as a host, I try to be quite sober to see if each one is well at the end of the game and if they are fairly responsible for their actions.

Food is also another important element. Do not serve anything heavy or filling too. Chips, finger foods, nuts and other light snacks are fine.

Lastly, make sure to serve the players with alcohol right away to lower their inhibitions. Make your guests comfortable and introduce them to each other. Give out the rules of the game in front of the hour before the match in order for them to understand and think for a while before making their decisions. Before starting the game, remind the players again the rules and objective so they will enjoy the game instead of feeling sorry later. Remind them to be responsible and mature so nothing can go wrong.

So go for it. Have a poker party of the strip and enjoy the best poker version out there!

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