Really bad backgammon ideas

In each game of play, there are naturally accepted norms of behavior. If you have no knowledge of any misconducts you might trust in backgammon, then, read on. Here are some generally bad ideas while playing backgammon:

1. Playing as slow as you possibly can.

We all know that backgammon can be a very mental-stimulating game, but you do not have to take a long time whenever you make your move. Remember that your opponent does not have all day. In tournament backgammon, this is not a problem because players use a timer. But in matches, players rely solely on their opponents to be considered.

It is understandable that you might want to think long in a game because you do not want to lose your money. However, you should also remember that your opponent also does not want to lose your money. Therefore, you should never think that you are special and that others should wait for you. We all want the same thing, so we must all be respectful of each other’s time.

This is especially true in online backgammon since players cannot be seen. In online backgammon, if you carry a long-term act, your opponent may possibly suspect you of cheating, and you do not want that.

2. Talking to kibitzers, or to people other than their opponent, and on the phone.

All these only show how little attention you give to the game, and this can be taken as an insult. This can be interpreted by your opponent that he is not worthy of your full attention, that you think you can beat him easily. Appropriate respect of fair showing to other gambling players by giving them the proper attention they deserve. Never underestimate any opponent. Remember that you are playing for money, and he would be such a waste to lose just because you were not paying attention.

3. Copied from the position and situation of the board for future use, without asking for permission.

It would only be fine to take down notes if your opponent agrees to it. Remember that what happens on the board is the property of yours and your opponent. It is only appropriate to ask for your permission first before copying a certain pattern. If your gambling opponent allows you, then do it as fast as you could and only for a couple of times to avoid gambling delays.

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